Jalina Mhyana

Jalina Mhyana is the Director of Poetry Readings at Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum and a Contributing Editor with the Tuscan literary journal The Sigh Press in Florence. She has authored three books of poetry: Spikeseed, The Wishing Bones, and The Trauma Scope; the first published by Bad Moon Books, the second shortlisted and published by Pudding House Press, and the third by Folly Bridge Press. She graduated from the Creative Writing MFA Program at Bennington College, and has been nominated for multiple Pushcart Prizes. Mhyana’s creative nonfiction has recently appeared in Eclectica, Entelechy: Mind & Culture, and Burrow Press Review. She is currently editing an anthology entitled The Ashmolean Poets and seeking representation for her memoir, One Hour to Madness & Joy. Visit her at http://www.jalina.co.uk.