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 05.21.2015 Flowers and Gold, Girls and Stars
Short fiction by J.T. Ledbetter.
 05.21.2015 Organ
Poem by Dick Bentley.
 05.21.2015 Strange Men
Poem by Mary Julia Klimenko.
 05.14.2015 one bump two bumps: a cocaine anti-ode
Poem by Daniel Riddle Rodriguez.
 05.14.2015 The Way of Indigo
Prose poem by Joshua Fischer.
 05.14.2015 Elegy with Crackling Staircase
Nonfiction by Katie Dieter.
 05.7.2015 Hands Come In from Every Direction
Short fiction by Katrina Prow.
 05.7.2015 Magnolias
Poem by McKinley Keener.

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