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 09.20.2016 A Spade, A Spade
Poem by Albert Thomas
 09.20.2016 Echo (III)
Poem by Casey Patrick
 09.20.2016 Spirit
Fiction by Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor
 09.20.2016 Beasts of Burden
Fiction by Jennifer Milton
 09.13.2016 “Whatever Tape You Found in That VCR, It Isn’t Mine”
Poem by Jessica Morey-Collins
 09.13.2016 Goddesses, Winners!
Poem by Anna Mebel
 09.13.2016 Upholstery
Fiction by Rebe Huntman
 09.13.2016 Revival
Fiction by Kayla Thomas
 09.6.2016 Solitude Blues
Poem by afrose fatima ahmed
 09.6.2016 [The first time anyone dreams anything solid]
Poem by Kallie Falandays
 09.6.2016 Footface
Fiction by Susan Isa Efros
 09.6.2016 Pigeon Meat
Fiction by Melissa Wiley

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