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 08.25.2015 Now How Best
Short fiction by Austin Hayden.
 08.25.2015 Found Poem
Poem by Bob Buchanan.
 08.25.2015 from Letter to the Aliens
Poem by Doug Paul Case.
 08.25.2015 Mad Libs
Short short by Brianna McNish.
 08.25.2015 Volcano Climber
Short fiction by Courtney Craggett.
 08.18.2015 Correction #11
Prose poem by Sean Lovelace.
 08.14.2015 St. Eugenia Becomes the Monk Eugene
Poem by Sara Biggs Chaney.
 08.14.2015 Someone’s Valentine
Poem by Carrie Harper Hechtman.
 08.14.2015 The Death of Superman
Short fiction by Gene Kwak.
 08.14.2015 Honing the BS Meter: A Conversation with Gene Kwak
By Juked Editors.
 08.6.2015 Coyotes
Short fiction by Roy Endean.
 08.6.2015 (Manuscript Treatment #45A/80)—Escape from Castle Mud Urn
Short fiction by Eric Howerton.
 08.6.2015 Happy Birthday
Poem by Holly Day.
 08.6.2015 Dangerous Territory
Poem by Peter Leight.

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