If you like what you read here, and you have something that is more or less up our alley, send it to us via our Submission Manager.

Fiction and Nonfiction
There are no limits on word count for prose—we like narratives and essays of all sizes, so long as the colors fit. (However, it’s unlikely we’d be able to publish, say, War and Peace, Part Deux.) If it’s a short story, send us one piece at a time—please wait to hear from us before sending another. If you’re working with the short short form, please send three to five selections in the same submission.

Submit a maximum of five poems. You can title the submission with the title of the first poem, or you can create a brand new title that befits the entire set of submissions, like “The Lost Poems of Viggo Mortensen.”

Et Cetera
We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please withdraw your work if it has been accepted elsewhere. To withdraw single poems, add a note to your submission. We do not accept multiple submissions. Previously published material, we are sorry to say, will not be considered.

We are currently playing catch-up with our extant submissions. There is an extended delay, but we are optimistic we will catch up to our goal of responding within four months. If your work is in the queue, we will get to it.

Do not send the same submission to both the print issue and the online issue. Choose one or the other.

Your work will always remain yours; we ask only for first- and one-time and archival rights. That means we use your work once, and then we place it lovingly into our archive.

We do not yet pay our contributors with hard currency, but are hopeful that will change sometime in the future.

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