Sisyphys Offers Prometheus Water


Because he is the type

to point out a splinter with

a fucking plank sticking

out of his own fucking

eye, posting pictures

from his pool: we’re all

in this together. No one

could call the gods fair,

although they might be:

prisons fit like puzzle pieces,

he rolls boulders up that hill,

I talk to the birds who pick

at my flesh. Each of us

is selfish in our suffering,

stealing youth & apples,

fleece & brides. He pushes

that stone up Capitol Hill

day after day, saying, why

don't you just drink? and God

helps those who help themselves

long after I gave up reaching

for a goblet that was never

there. Sometimes I can see it:

what we do to each other,

ourselves. I add them to what

I don't know: did I bring fire

for you, or for myself? If

he set down his stone,

brought me vessels over

flowing, could I swallow?

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