I wanted melancholy to claim some potential, so at the sight of fresh-cut grass today I implored my

sense-receptors to digress beyond their usual threshold.

Together they deliberated.

Slowly, discrete affects of vulnerabilities emerged.

Each attempted solutions for each of my various preternatural temperaments.

Wear a coat, I was told, and keep it on everywhere you go. Make a show of showing up to make an

appearance, perpetually ricocheted by conflicting engagements.

Make a ghost of your poise.

Others always will want to know if you speak Asian languages you don’t speak, hitch you to a

framework, aerate you into sufferer.

A circle looped inside another bigger circle is predetermined to forage ceaselessly for warmth only to

mistake it for recognition.

I take walks alone now.

Without dogs on leashes or a palm to advise bruises, solitude under an open afternoon sky lashes at

me like a shadow ripped.

Mirroring to find yourself is to invisibilize yourselves.

When an orb containing our cumulated doldrums is excavated, who can claim rights to it?

An entire subcontinent kneeled before the execution before the sky turned over and vanished us.

Placidity idled like a digging hoe meanwhile.

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