Something That Happened in Brooklyn

This line describes something that happened in Brooklyn.

This line introduces a "you" character

and this line introduces the speaker's relationship to the "you" character,

which is vague—yet undoubtedly romantic in nature.

This line describes the weather in Manhattan

and what it looks like from Brooklyn.  This line

describes what the "you" is wearing

and this line is possibly metaphorical.

In this line, the speaker remembers walking

with the "you" down a street     in Brooklyn.

This line describes how the weather has

changed and how walking is no longer pleasant.

This line describes an apartment

though it's unclear whether it belongs to

the "you" or to the speaker, or whether that matters.

This line describes food or eating in some way.

This line describes the weather again

with an emphasis on the temperature,

which is possibly metaphorical.  The final

line describes the tactile quality of a pillow

and uses the adverb "softly."

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