Humpadori Filmi Playback Singer Ghazal (Lata /Usha /Asha) 1

We're a hum of three sisters, hum log, we people! 2

I/we, sisters who sing, we're not same people!

Though sometimes we come together as one,

Only one can be number one with the people.

I've had more top hits than anyone in the world.

I'm often alone when I'm around people.

I've never been the star I should've/could've.

You don't know me at all, but I call you my people.

National anthems clumped with bhajans to the gods. 3

Voices issuing out of the blob: we, the people.

Urdu, Hindi, Telagu, English, Czech, Malayam . . .

Don't know the language?  Hum along, now, people!

I vamp nursery rhymes, devotionals, ghazals et al.

It's not very smart to hump so many people.

Overlapping transparencies, we sing and are sung.

The light streams on you—the beautiful people.

You, Meenakshi, Nargis, Zenat, and Rekha: 4

The moon is a fat empty screen without people.

1 Lata /Usha /Asha: Bollywood playback singers
2 hum log: "we people"
3 bhajan: a song to god
4 Meenakshi, etc.: Bollywood actresses who lipsynched to the voices of the playback singers
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