Suppose a bridge.  Then another

a few hundred feet from the first,

then another and another, bridge

after bridge, all crossing the same river

with no bridge more sturdy or outstanding

than the other.

Now suppose a man in the prime of his life,

another man, elderly as a grandfather, and

a boy of twelve.  Suppose a crippled man

or one whose mind is in riot all needing

to cross the river.

Suppose each bridge has a moving floor

or optional seats or wheelchairs pushed by

stronger men with nothing to do but go back

and forth pushing the sick and unable to the other side.

Suppose no burden, no eye for an eye,

no segregation, no unsteady plank or missing

rail, no tattered rope or tangled knot.

I could go on.

Suppose a bridge.  A frail man in his hospital bed.

A strong man behind him.  Below, the river.

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