you nude girl folding your arms

you thin
you lonely
you scared
              you:   wiry hair between stork legs
              you:   longing for a blade on your skin
you stitched-up rag doll
              you:   dying little deaths
you russet leaf on a winter morning
you beggar girl
              you:   heartache heartburn vermilion bruise
              you:   chin on bony shoulder
you crackle of static inside veins
              you:   numb lips
you alley cat licking tin cans cutting your tongue
you clawed angel
              you:   saccharin eyes
              you:   mask behind a face
you muse in minor
              you:   image of all the blood ever spilled  

Inspired by Egon Schiele's "Mädchenakt mit verschränkten Armen"
("Nude Girl Folding Her Arms Across Her Chest")

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