Sam of Ireland
Sam of France
Sam the critic
Sam in his fancy pants
Sam bending over to tie your shoes
Sam the lover
Sam with those weird haunting blues
Sam the poet
Sam the singer
Sam the song
Sam the finale
Sam always holding back that smile
Sam ducking back in the alley
Sam not sayin' nothin'
Sam reading poems of revolution to the blind newsboy
Sam not caring about the solar system
Sam never driving a car
Sam jacking off thinking of Hedy Lamar
Sam the playwright
Sam the copyboy
Sam making coffee as strong as battery acid
Sam looking for God
Sam never danced on the Ed Sullivan Show
Sam didn't believe in God
Sam waiting
Sam the mystic
Sam not needing the facts
Sam behind the curtain like Howard Hughes
Sam winking at gnats
Sam sitting on his ass & farting & thinking of Dante
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