i wanted to interview a hamster

it was hard to convince the hamster community

finally i punched the hamster's lawyer in the face

and that solved things

the interview would happen ten months from now

ten months later, we were there,

the president stood to my left

and patted my shoulder

i looked at the hamster professionally

'why are you a hamster?' i said

the hamster's face reddened

i felt ashamed

it was over

my life was over

i went home and hid in the closet

after a while i left the closet

it was only ten in the morning

my life wasn't over, after all

i made toast

i carried the toast to the living room

i carried the toast to the kitchen

the kitchen carried me and the toast to the living room

and the living room shrank to the size of a walnut

and the walnut laughed
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